Welcome to Soils R Us Joondalup!

We’re a family owned and operated business with close to 20 years trading experience. What’s been our secret these last 20 years? It’s simple, we’re a family and like any family, we believe the secret to success is being there for each other, including you, our customers.

Be it yearly garden maintenance or a new project you’re unsure of, come to us and we’ll try and work with you to help you reach that goal. Be it help with what’s the best product for the job or help with your calculations, customer service and satisfaction is what we aim to deliver.

We’re brought up on old school values like Loyalty, Integrity and Respect. Loyalty to our customers and suppliers, making sure that quality and work promises are met. Integrity to meet these standards that we set day in and day out. And Respecting you for allowing our business to grow.

Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without your help!

Thanks for doing this, not many people would

Life Savers!

I’ll Be back again!

We love to see new faces, so when you get a chance come on down and let’s catch up. It’s already been too long.

See you soon,

The “Soils R Us” Joondalup Family